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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 06:00

Jewel Madeline (Crim) McMeans BarkerJewel Madeline (Crim) McMeans BarkerAlthough Jewel McMeans Barker was blind for many years she did not allow it to be a handicap. Her blindness was caused by secondary glaucoma, and she raised four children, two of whom she never saw. She taught music for many years, she memorized over 300 hymns when she knew that she was going to be blind and was pianist for the Assembly of God Church, and she was also a composer.

Jewel Madeline (Crim) McMeans BarkerJewel Madeline (Crim) McMeans BarkerThe telephone was one of her favorite instruments and she had memorized the numbers of businesses and friends and kept informed on Canadian’s goings on. She felt her music was a gift and that it should be shared.

Jewel was featured in an Amarillo Daily News article in August, 1956 following a piano concert. “After she had played a few bars the audience knew the pianist was no rank amateur. Her finger control was proof of intense training, and the rapt expression on her face revealed a deeply felt devotion to music”.

Jewel passed away in Canadian on June 28, 1968.

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