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World War II Military History

Hemphill County is indeed fortunate that Julius Born, an early photographer, was here to take many pictures of our World I and World War II participants.
By World War II, many families had cameras and therefore Julius Born was relied on less for photographs. Many of the photographs within the
Born Collection are representatvie of the relative informality that existed by this time

Two World War II Photographs PDF Print E-mail

world_war_II-intropic2WW II PhotographsBy World War II, many families had cameras and therefore Julius Born was relied on less for photographs. There are a couple within the Born Collection that are representative of the relative informality that existed by this time. Both images are shown below:

Hemphill County Service Men PDF Print E-mail

world_war_ii-intropicHemphill County
Service Men
Surprisingly, four men from Hemphill County met in New York City prior to shipping out on the Queen Mary in 1945. Shown below, Bill Hodges is in the passenger seat; Morris Moore is on the far right in back followed by Kenneth Riley and Horace Curnutt in the back middle. These men returned from the war, as did many like them, to make substantial contributions to the community.

H.L. (Red) Ownens PDF Print E-mail

Red_Owens_intropicNavy CPO Red OwensOne of the many Hemphill County residents who entered World War II service was H.L. (Red) Owens. Initially disqualified for service due to being color blind, it wasn’t long before the military mail became so snarled that a concerted attempt to obtain seasoned U.S. Postal Employees took place. Red entered the service at that time and served in San Francisco and Panama. The image below is of Navy CPO Red Owens:

Hemphill County Veterans Memorial PDF Print E-mail

veterans_memorial_intropicVeterans MemorialThe Hemphill County Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 11, 1991. All veterans, both in peacetime and wartime, are listed on the memorial. A special section is given to those who lost their life in service to the country. The monument committee was composed of Marie Killebrew, Bill Hodges, Rodney Bass and Lee Chumbly.



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