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World War I Military History

Our County is indeed fortunate that Julius Born, an early photographer, was here to take many pictures of our World I participants. From a child dressed in a uniform,
to the Studer family with four sons in uniform, we have a glimpse of the time of World War I in these pictures from the Julius Born Collection
that do provide an insight into the fervor of the times

J.C. Studer Family PDF Print E-mail

world_war_i_intropicJ.C. Studer FamilyThe J.C. Studer’s had six sons and one daughter. Four of the sons joined military during World War I. In the following photo four of the sons are seated with Mr. Studer. Seated are Oscar, in the Navy uniform and Carl in the Calvary uniform. Standing is Floyd then Otto, in the Army uniform, J.C. Studer, the boy’s father and John, in the Air Force uniform.

William A. Donaldson Family PDF Print E-mail

donald_family_intropicW.A. Donaldson FamilyThe William A. Donaldson family lived in the Cataline community of Hemphill County. William came to Texas at the age of 17 and worked on ranches and hunted buffalo. At the age of 28, he married Eliza and they moved from McKinney to Cataline in 1889. They had seven children. The picture shows the family with Millard in his Navy uniform (in the center)

Kenneth Young PDF Print E-mail

Kenneth_Young_Child_intropicKenneth Young & ChildThis image was identified on the glass negative as being Kenneth Young and child. As is so often the case, little more information was available but the image is very poignant and representative of young men separated from equally young families.

Women in World War I PDF Print E-mail


women_ww1_intropicWomen in World War ITwo women from Hemphill County served in the Army Corps of Nurses in World War I: Hattie Rathjen and Lulu Dawson. Hattie was one of the daughters of pioneer W.D. Rathjen and his wife, Sarah, who came to Hemphill County in 1893. Jessica Cussens served as a Red Cross Nurse in World War I.






Earl Rhea, Sr. PDF Print E-mail

Earl_Rhea_intropicEarl Rhea, Sr.Earl Rhea, Sr., shown below, served in U.S. Navy during World War I. He was stationed in Bremerton Naval Station in Washington State and Great Lakes Naval Station in Chicago. The picture was taken in 1917.

Albert Bernson Family PDF Print E-mail

bernson_family_intropicAlbert Bernson FamilyThe Albert Bernson family is one we have many pictures of. Albert enlisted in World War I and the following picture was taken of him and his wife, Mabel. Later they would have a son, Maurice who became a noted artist in the Southwest.

Zybach Family PDF Print E-mail

Zybach_Family_intropicCarl ZybachThe Zybach family came from Switzerland, ultimately settling in 1909 in what became the Zybach community in Hemphill County. This large family had two sons in particular, Arthur and Carl pictured here. Arthur Zybach freighted supplies for their store from Canadian, a distance of 30 miles. This round trip journey required two days. Arthur and his brother Carl enlisted to serve in World War I, and Arthur gave his life in 1918. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post in Hemphill County was named in his honor and for Ben Owens, who also died in the war.

Child in World War I Uniform PDF Print E-mail

child_ww1_uniform_intropicChild in WW I UniformAlthough we don’t have names for many of the digitized images, some from glass negatives, they do provide an insight into the fervor of the times. From a child dressed in a uniform as shown here, to the Studer family with four sons in uniform, we have a glimpse of the time of World War I with these images preserved from the Julius Born Collection.


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