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harry_stickley_canadian_highschool_intropicCanadian High School
Upon learning from his uncle, Vas Stickley that the Panhandle was a wonderful place to settle, Harry Stickley came to Canadian for his health in 1898. He worked for his uncle on the ranch now owned by George Arrington. After returning to Ohio, he and his wife, Virgie and her mother, returned to Canadian and built the home at Seventh and Summit.

harry_stickley_canadian_highschoolFirst Canadian High School built by the Stickley BrothersHarry built a carpenter’s shop and established a building and contracting business with his brother, Charlie. They commenced to build some of the earliest and most enduring homes in Canadian with the following customers: Will Isaacs, Sam Isaacs, the WCTU (now Hemphill County Library), The Christian Church, the first Canadian High School, Canadian City Hall, Vas Stickley home, Dr. E.H. Snyder home among others. Five homes in the Sixth and Seventh Street area were notable for their red mission style roofs. Shown here directly to the right is the first Canadian High School built by the Stickley Brothers.

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