Military History Of Hemphill County Texas

The two World Wars, the Korean conflict and the Viet Nam era all had an impact on Hemphill County as was true all across the nation. Some nineteen men, early settlers, were veterans of the Civil War or Spanish American War having come here for a new start. Both the North and South were represented in this early migration.

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John_Hemphill_introJohn Hemphill
1803 - 1862
The county was named in honor of John Hemphill (1803-1862) who was the First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Texas. He also served as Adjutant General of the Somervell Expedition, an invasion of Mexico while the state was a Republic, and was a Member of the first State Constitutional Convention and of the United States Senate.  John Hemphill was also a veteran of wars with Native Americans.


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